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Completed the Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research (PGDCR). I am now working with Chest Research Foundation in Pune. Joining the clinical research industry has been a boost for my career. Not only am I involved in imparting specialist care to my patients, but I have also been exposed to newer and better advances in the management of my patients effectively. The concept of clinical research in India has been perceived to be that of using people as guinea pigs. However, once in the industry, this changes our perception. Clinical research has stringent criteria to enrol patient with a specific diagnosis. All the while tested drugs are used on the patients. These drugs have been developed under the most efficient and vigilant manner. Patient care in clinical trials also improves drastically. Minor ailments such as body ache, headache, etc, which are usually neglected in routine clinical practice, are also considered carefully in clinical trial patient.

Dr. Komalkirti Apte

After completing the Clinical Research course, I joined Syntel Limited, Pune and worked there for quite some time. Presently, I am working in Cognizant Technology Solutions, Mumbai as a Junior Data Analyst and I am doing completely well. It is because of the clinical research I got the opportunity to work with people from different educational background. If given a chance I would recommend students from lifesciences to join this profession.

Avinash Swami

After the successful completion of my clinical Research course I started working with Cognizant Technology Solution as Clinical Data Manager. In my opinion the Clinical research field is really interesting and growing and is worth to be chosen as career.

Avanti Deo

Choosing to be in the Clinical Research industry is the best decision made thus far in my life. It has a lot offer and is the only field which offers according to what suits you as a person best. Since I am a people’s person I chose to be a Clinical Research Associate. After completing my 10 month diploma course in CR, I was employed in a medical device organization. Currently I manage and support clinical studies in the South Asia region (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka). My profile involves, site and investigator selection, qualification, Ethics Committee related activities, training of site study personnel, monitoring, managing CRO’s. Every aspect in this industry is very crucial and therefore can be a high pressure job. However, this also cultivates a lot of discipline and multi-tasking abilities in you as a person. This field allows you to make and be a difference to a human in your own little way.

Sujaaya Sahu

I have gone through a 10 month course in clinical research, After completing the course I joined Sanofi, Presently I am working there as an Assistant Manager – IP, Clinical research is a field which is based on the ethics. And ethics is most important to run any research, This is the field which gives new medicines to the patients, making their life easy. Yes, new and enthusiastic people should join the field to facilitate the ethical research which will bring new medicines in the market which will be beneficial to the entire human community.

Abhishek Keskar

After completing my Clinical Research Course I joined Sciformix Technologies, Pune. Presently I am working in Tata Consultancy Services as a Subject Matter Expert in the domain of Clinical Research. Before shifting to the domain of Clinical Research I was pursuing my doctorate programme on Typhoid from a reputed institute, once I knew about the industry and judged my positive fortes I decided to channelize my career on to this path, and today after having 4.6 years of industry experience. It gives me an immense satisfaction to say that I took a right decision. The best part of the Clinical Research Industry why I would like to recommend is it’s diversity and opportunities of growth in various divisions (clinical operation, pharmacovigilance, regulatory etc.) which a professional could choose according to his/her interest and passion.

Saswata Ray